Saint Theophylaktos of Nicomedia,
Theophylact the Confessor, Bishop of Nicomedia
Ο Όσιος Θεοφύλακτος ο Ομολογητής
Επίσκοπος Νικομήδειας

was created manually and by the several firings in a muffle furnace at a temperature of 815 degrees. Author's processing equipment allows him to obtain the special effects on the surface of the gold coating of enamel, craquelure, depth and transparency of enamel, iridescence, and altogether it gives a unique antique image of the product.

The presented icon are created in the single copy, and because of the peculiarities of the technology the copying is impossible.
That icons are not subject to water, sunlight, precipitation, temperature extremes.

Materials: jewelry vitreous enamel, copper, gold leaf.

17 х 24 х 3,8 см. (6,7 x 9,5 x 1,1 in.)

Material of frame: bronze with natural patina

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