Creative Art Studio Ruslan Ozdoev

Unique icons of cloisonne enamel

    The Byzantine Empire created iconographic images in the cloisonne technique in the XI century. This medallions with its Greek inscriptions identifying the image as the Virgin, Jesus Christ and Saint John the Baptist. The medallions may have been sent as a gift from the Byzantine court to the neighboring Christian state of Georgia, and are among the finest surviving examples of cloisonné enamel. In this Byzantine technique, compartments, or cells, were outlined by thin sheets of gold or silver, filled with colored qurtz enamel paste, and then fired at a high temperature, with the melting quartz enamel forming a solid surface. As in this medallion, the process often required several firings before the final polishing. Medallions are now stored in the The Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York.

    1,000 years later, the art studio Ruslano revives the creation of icons in this unique technology, improves it and brings new effects and sizes.
    The presented icons are created in the single copy, and because of the peculiarities of the technology the copying is impossible.
    That icons are not subject to water, sunlight, precipitation, temperature extremes.
    We provide the ordering of any other icon in accordance with our client`s wishes.
    Icons are created with the blessing of the Archbishop of the Orthodox Church.

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    Decoration of the facades of the Orthodox Cathedral by art enamel plates.

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    Authorship technics of enameling.

    Artist, enameller and goldsmith Ruslan Ozdoev creates the proprietary technology which let him to deserve special visual effects. It makes the works of art expressive and unique.

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